Community Centers of Hope

The role of the Community Center is to feed their bodies with food, their minds with love and encouragement, and their spirits with the hope and love of Jesus.

T1B1639-1024x661.jpgOur goal in each of the cities we work in is to create a thriving network of church plants, we call Community Centers of Hope. We look for new or developing communities to start a plant, and often we are invited in by their community leaders. Over time we become part of the fabric of the community itself. Each week we operate a number of feeding programs and bible lessons at our Centers which are the hub of any outreach we are running in that community.

Children that come to our Centers are from dysfunctional families, extreme poverty, or single family homes. Our Community Centers of Hope provide a safe haven where kids get not only a good meal and a Sunday School Class, but also get to participate in fun and games as well.

Our Community Centers give them a place to belong.


Bible Class: Before the meal, children are given Sunday School classes. Our children’s teachers and volunteers also get involved in the lives of the kids.

Our classes will teach them about the love of Jesus, which will strengthen them spiritually, while the food and activities will strengthen them physically and mentally for the continuation of their journey on earth for Christ.