Mundialista #12, Mazatlán

In February 2010 we began working in Mundialista (aka  VillalPondo), a smaller colonia where the people have little, yet are full of joy. Every Tuesday afternoon, Jorge brings the Mobile Sunday School to the colonia for a children’s program which includes songs, a Bible lesson and games.  Attendance has grown from 15-20 children to 40-50 children each week and they love to greet us with a smile and a hug Just a couple months after beginning the work in Villalpando, construction began on a feeding center/church.  We currently have a floor roof and partial walls.  In October 2010 we began a feeding program on Saturday mornings.   Volunteer team members meet at the La Vina in the Golden Zone to prepare a hot meal for the children.  The children are not only fed this nutritious meal, but they are also fed the Word of God to nourish their souls. Attendance has grown from 30 children to well over 80 each Saturday.  The outreach in Villalpando is led by a local Mexican policeman and his wife, Feliciano and Urema.

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