Miguel Hidalgo #15, Mazatlán

The community of Miguel Hidalgo is one of the most destitute.  Just a few years ago, Gordon & Betty Kuntz felt God calling them to minister to this community and they were well accepted by the leadership of the people. They put down a 9 x 12 blue tarp on a muddy piece of land and encouraged children to come and sit and hear a Bible Story, play some games and sing. They brought vitamins and food for the little group and befriended not only the children but the adults too. Now, women and youth from the Francisco Madero community, who have taken Miguel Hidalgo under their wing, go there every Saturday at 10am with a full Children’s Program and feeding, as well as an adult bible study in addition to filling other ministry needs. This is, indeed, most exciting, it is an outreach of an outreach and planted church!

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