Francisco Madero fence and gate project


In 1997, the Vineyard conducted an outreach with a short term mission team.  The outreach was a tremendous success; seeds were sown and have now yielded a great harvest. The Vineyard ministries started working in Colonia Francisco I. Madero in 2001.  There was a great need for a church and feeding center in this colonia known as the “Tolerance Zone”. After years of prayer we were able to purchase property, and construction on a new church and feeding center was started in 2003.  Dedication of the building took place in 2004.  Pastor Dave and his wife Lolita lead the very active ministry efforts in Francisco Madero.


Francisco Madero is in dire need of some maintenance and upgrades. The upgrade with the highest priority is to replace the current debilitating gate and fence. The objective is to replace the fence with a taller cinder block wall and a more secure functional gate. 


Greatly increase the security and safety of the Francisco Madero Church property, while the rolling gate will allow for easier access into the church parking lot. 

Project Budget:

Phase 1: Remove old fencing. Trench for foundation. Pour foundation.

Phase 2: Build wall in sections to finished height. Order gate

Phase 3: Complete wall accent fencing

Phase 4: Paint and install gate

Project total cost: $8,000.00 USD

Approximately $4,000.00 has already been donated.

Balance needed: $4000.00 USD


Lolita & Dave Newton
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