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New! You can use Interac E transfer to This is a great way to donate as it saves us processing fees.



Make your check payable to “Central Mexico Mission Society” and mail to
CMMS, Box 1027, Slave Lake, AB  T0G 2A0. If you are in Mexico, you can leave your check at the Vineyard Ministries office.



Go to This is a self-funded non profit charity, with a mission to increase charitable giving. Enter the name of the charity "Central Mexico Mission Society," and make a donation using your credit card. Canada Helps will issue your official income tax receipt. 



Your support is greatly appreciated!

You may choose to donate to 3 different funds:

  • The General fund, which allows us to direct finances to where they are most needed.

  • Feeding the Children's fund, which goes towards sustaining the feeding programs.

  • And/or the Scholarship Program fund, which supports children's education.

Click on the 'Donate' buttons bellow to donate to the funds of your choice. 

You may use your credit or debit card to donate online. We will send you a receipt for your income tax purposes. The PayPal service is a secure transaction.


General Fund

Money given to the general fund allows us to direct finances to where they are most needed.


Feeding Children

All money given here will be used to sustain our ongoing feeding programs.


Scholarship Program 

All money given here will be used to support education for children from pre-school through high school.



We can set up an automatic monthly payment to be deducted directly from your bank account on the 7th of each month. To set this up please email a voided blank check along with the message : “Please debit my account $## (amount) on the 7th of each month." 



Some corporations match their employee donations (eg. Telus does this). Check out Benevity issues the income tax receipt, sometimes including your volunteer hours.