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$19,000 USD in Food Vouchers Given out to Families for Christmas Holidays

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

This holiday season we blessed over 600 sponsored children and their families with food vouchers worth $600 pesos from a local grocery store chain!

Since the mandatory shutdown of our feeding centers, in March, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the portion of the sponsorship fee that covers weekly meals had gone unspent - about $19,000 USD.

Since we haven't been able to provide food for the children at the feeding centers, we decided to bless the sponsored children and their families through a surprise gift of $600 pesos in food vouchers, in the hope that they would have plenty of food for Christmas and Three kings day in January. (The vouchers cannot be used for alcohol or cigarettes).

We passed out the vouchers with the help of each of the colonia leader. They gave out one envelope with a voucher per child, and asked the parents, or guardians, to sign for each child that they had received the food voucher.

Sponsored children who were not able to pick up a voucher due to staying with a grandparent or being temporarily away will be able to pick them up when they are back in their colonia. If a sponsored child had moved (at times families without work move out of town to stay with relatives) and is no longer in the sponsorship program the voucher will be given to another child on the waiting list to be sponsored.

We want to give you all a very big thanks for continuing to support and sponsor children in Mexico during these difficult times of pandemic and closures all around the world. Thanks to you, over 600 children have been blessed with abundant food throughout the holidays and beyond.

We hope you all had a blessed holiday season and that this new year, 2021, will be a year of hope, recovery, and prosperity for all.

Vinyard Ministries Central Mexico

Here are some more pictures of kids and their families who received the food vouchers.

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