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Building for the Future

In our last email we mentioned two contstuction projects, bathrooms in Miguel Hidalgo and an Eduation Center in Malova. Below is some background information on both projects.

Miguel Hidalgo bathrooms and Kitchen

It is a beautiful cool winter morning in Mazatlan, Mexico. In the small community of Miguel Hidalgo a group of ladies meet early in the morning to sweep out La Viña and set up tables and chairs for the Saturday program. Once they finish inside, they move outside to sweep the street corner in front of the building where 20 or so ladies meet to study the Bible each Saturday while the 50 to 60 children learn and play inside. A group of 8-10 adolescents have their class in the space behind the existing building. The ladies from the Madero Vina faithfully cook for not only their center but Miguel Hidalgo as well. Wait a minute why is the food coming from another center? Well, you see Viña Miguel Hidalgo consists of one room and a small closet; there is no kitchen nor bathroom …yet. The lack of a bathroom means children must walk home to use the bathroom and volunteers not from the neighborhood either have to wait or have to ask a neighbor to use their bathroom. We have the property and the ladies are ready to cook they just need a kitchen. Other future plans for the center include Sunday services. A team has been formed to start the services and planning is well under way. Consider partnering with us to help build the kitchen and bathrooms in Miguel Hidalgo.

Coming soon: Viña Education Center and English School

Don't let them fall further behind in school!

Since the pandemic, it has become overwhelmingly apparent that children have fallen far behind in their education. Many families lack resources which has further limited the ability of the children to keep up with the demands of school. A large number of them do not have the means to attend school, do homework, or even remotely learn for lack of access to computers, internet and television. Some of the children do not have parental support for a variety of reasons, and work becomes a priority over school.

Equal education opportunities for the families in our communities?

We are taking the first steps to build the first Education Center and English School at Malova Community Center of Hope, located closest to the city dump. The goal is to provide a secure, safe, quiet, clean space conducive to learning. Children and adults alike will be welcome to study, get help with homework and attend English classes, all free of charge to the students. The recently started homework club and the English school, which is about to celebrate its 5-year anniversary, originated and continue at the Malova CCH. We are hearing from the students that their grades are improving and they are grateful for the support and opportunity to learn.

What will it cost?

We received an initial contribution from the English School fund to jump start the project. The cost to complete development, office furniture and construction of the new Education Center and English School is estimated to total approximately $25,000.

We need funds to complete both projects. If you are looking for a good kingdom investment let us know.

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