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Common for You, a 1st for These Kids

Our children enjoyed wonderful field trips thanks to faithful sponors. For some of the children, it was more than just a fun day out with friends; it was a day of new experiences. For our children from our Malova center the field trip presented many firsts, including riding on a bus and eating at a buffet. Mallorie, the center leader, explained the buffet to the children on the way. Upon arrival many children ran to the buffet and after eating one plate, many were seen looking around. It was explained they could have more, as much as they wanted in fact, and they happily returned to the buffet. One little girl had 8 pancakes!

If you are a Vineyard Child Sponsorship Program Sponsor, thank you; your support changes lives. If you are not a sponsor consider signing up today. Click hereto sponsor a child today and bless a child.

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