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COVID Red Light, Vitamin D, a Pink Violin + Going Green

COVID Red Light

COVID cases continue to soar. A local pastor recently died from COVID-19. The Pastor of Calvary Chapel is in the hospital with COVID-19. His wife also has COVID-19 and should be hospitalized but cannot as there are no available beds.

Vitamin D

Danae, one of our missionaries, with bags of Vitamin D and Zinc

Vitamin D and Zinc are two important things you should be taking. Several studies have shown that people with a Vitamin D deficiency are more likely to end up in the hospital if they get COVID. We have been buying big bottles of Vitamin D and Zinc and repackaging them into a 30 day supply and giving them away to our members who then give then to the elderly or people with underlying conditions.

We will never know how many people didn't end up in the hospital or even dead because of the folks that bought the vitamins.

Dave Newton, one of our Pastors may be one of them. He came down with COVID and is still recovering a month later.

A Pink Violin

We recently received this pink violin sent to our Texas address. We are collecting more instruments for a future children's orchestra. If you would like to donate any instruments please ship them to the following address:

3101 Harmony Lane

Mission, TX 78574

We know that God has a little girl picked out for the pink violin.

A little girl currently in our children's orchestra

We are Considering Going Green

Someone did a study of our energy use and calculated how many solar panels we would need to cover what we presently pay which is around $5000 USD a year in electric for the church building. It will cost $10,000USD to install the panels which means in 2 years they would pay for themselves If all the calculations are correct we will save $5000 a year in energy costs. If you consider this to be a good investment would you consider giving toward this. You can donate online HERE.

Needed: Musical Instruments

Have an instrument you don't need anymore? Consider donating to our Children's orchestra. Please send it to the following address:

3101 Harmony Lane

Mission, TX 78574

Join us for Worship Online

Remember we are doing both our English service 9am and Spanish service 11am live on Facebook (all times are Mazatlan times)

Click here to visit us on Facebook

Thank you and God Bless,

Vineyard Ministries Central Mexico

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