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Deportivo Sonny: More than soccer

As you already probably know we have a Children's Orchestra however many people don't know about our soccer program, Deportivo Sonny. So what does it have in common with the Orchestra; they both keep boys & girls off the streets. Deportivo Sonny was founded by Vineyard Mazatlan member Cheri Jackson in 2015. Deportivo Sonny like our Orchestra gives kids an alternative to the street and teaches life skills that will help these kids well into the future.

Looking for a healthy way to help keep kids off the streets and away from the temptations that flood the attention of youth today, Deportivo Sonny began with 11 boys in hand painted jersey shirts from the Walmart clearance rack. Since then it has have grown quite a bit and now includes more than 200 kids all ages registered in the local municipal league with Deportivo Sonny. Recently a girls team was added to the program. Despite having to shutdown during the pandemic, the program running again and is thriving.

Deportivo Sonny is blessed with several former professional coaches and players as coaches. The coaches and staff work hard to provide a healthy environment to grow and develop all around youth, athletes and coaches though training, tutoring and service to God, others and the community in general. In order to keep programing open to all kids, no payment is required for participation in Deportivo Sonny unlike many other teams in the municipal league.

This year Deportivo Sonny is playing in their third Copa Mazatlan Tournament and hoping to continue the successes from the last two years. In 2018, the U15 Team were Champions (photo above) and in 2019, men’s open team were runners up.

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