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Dump on FireDogs and Humans in Crisis

Dump on Fire Dogs and Humans in Crisis The dump caught fire on Friday morning, leaving Mazatlan with a smoke filled sky. The odor of smoke filled the atmosphere.

The dump has been smoldering now for 4 days. The police, firefighters and emergency response team were on site helping people get out. As of today no one can go inside the dump leaving many dump scroungers without a job, they have no means to support their family.

This is one of over 30 dogs that live at the dump. They are also suffering. We are not sure of how many suffered burns or smoke inhalation. Vineyard Ministries are present at the entrance of the dump giving out food, drinking water and food bags to all the dump scroungers. We appreciate any help you can give during this tragic time to our Dump ministry all donations will go for the feeding, water and food bags for the dump scroungers and their families.

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