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Erwin's Story:From La Viña to the Boxing Ring

We have hundreds of children in our centers and many come and go without us knowing what happened to them, but there are many more who faithfully attend for years and we are priviledged to see them fulfill their dreams. One such young man is Edwin. He began attending our center at the age of 4. His mother died when he was young and his grandmother has raised him. We have been blessed to be a part of his life. Today he is a young man who has known the love of God in La Viña thanks to generous sponsors who gave him the opportunities with scholarships in both the our VCS and VSP programs. He is pictured in the top photo in the bottom left corner at age ten. He has fulfilled his dream of being a professional boxer at the age of 18. He recently had his first fight and won. This is only one of many stories of blessing that are only possible with the support of the sponsors and the love of God. Thank you to you the sponsors. If you would like to join our sponsors in changing lives through sponsorship Click here.

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