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Here's what you helped accomplish in 2020...

Your partnership with us this year eased the hardships brought on by the pandemic for countless people. Here is a glimpse of what you helped accomplish in 2020.

Covid Response: Thanks to your your generosity we have been able to distribute 6300+ food bags in the colonias during this pandemic.

Children's programs:

Thanks to your support 1100 children in Mazatlan alone and many more throughout Mexico were able to participate in our weekly meal program.

Of those children you helped sponsor 619 children in Mazatlan and 63 children in Puerto Vallarta in our Vineyard Child Sponsorship Program. These children do not come alone to our programs many adults attend as well. We also served on average 250 adults each week. We are distributing 1800 food bags this Christmas Season as well as giving food vouchers (not valid for alcohol or cigarettes) to the families of the children in our Vineyard Child Sponsorship Program.

School Scholarship Program:

The 245 children you helped sponsor for school in our Vineyard School Scholarship Program received school supplies and paid registration fees. Later when schools open they will receive backpacks, uniforms, and school shoes. In this difficult year this support for our families is vital to keeping the students in school. The Mexican President is talking about opening schools in the new year.

Dump Compassion Tour:

An elderly man gets a meal, water and a new hat.

This year we made and delivered 18,300+ sandwiches and clean drinking water to the dump scroungers. This ministry has continued despite the pandemic. We did have to take a break for a few weeks during the shutdown but soon made adjustments to continue this vital ministry in a safe manner. Special Projects: Our English school, Soccer programs and Orchestra had a great start to the year but were impacted greatly by the pandemic and new health regulations on gatherings. Our English School, Soccer program and Orchestra made some adjustments to try and keep going but it has been a struggle. The English school has closed for the moment, however the orchestra continues with small group and individual lessons. Missions Teams: This year we had 6 teams from the United States, before COVID shut down travel, who served over 3900 meals, treated over 440 patients, handed out 600 food bags, prayed for countless people, taught children, completed work projects and preached in our churches.

All of this was made possible by your generous donations of your time and resources. Thank you so much! Looking to make a year end donation? Please consider donating Vineyard Ministries. Click here to donate now. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Vineyard Ministries Central Mexico Mazatlan

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