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Hope and Help at the Mazatlan General Hospital

Did you know that we have a prayer ministry at the General Hospital? To understand the importance of our ministry at the hospital you should know that family members and friends await the news of their loved one's just outside the hospital. They are out in the heat of day or the cold of night, waiting to hear over the loud speaker how their loved one is doing, whether they are in need of any medicine or if there are ny updates to their condition. Normally, only a parent caring for a minor child can wait inside the hospital.

Unfortunately, there are not many stores near the new hospital and this is where we saw a need we could fill. Each Saturday we not only pray for the people but also bring food, clothes, and supplies to the hospital for the family members of the patients. The story below is typical of the stories we hear each week.

Felícitas Heart Wrenching Story

On one of our weekly visits to the General hospital we met 15 year old Felícitas N. Originaria de Guerrero who was carrying her 2 month old baby on her back. We learned that Felícitas and her family are migrant workers who travel the countryside working in the fields picking chile peppers, tomatoes, corn, etc. to make a living. Her family is part of a native group with its own language and customs. One of those customs is arranged marriage of young girls. For this reason, Felícitas was married at 14 and with a baby at 15. These marriages are permitted under law as her group is allowed to live under their own customs and traditions.

Felícitas told us that her mother was in the hospital receiving treatment for an infection due to lack of care of her C-section incision. Therefore, the tiny, not quite 5 foot tall Felícitas was nursing not only her own baby but also her newborn brother.

Felícitas also shared with us that she is traveling with her parents and brother to get away from her abusive husband whom she fears. Despite threats from her husband and his family, and fears that he will take her child, she refuses to return to him.

We have been praying for Felícitas and her family as well as providing diapers, blankets, food clothes and medicines to the family for 3 weeks. The family is currently living in Villa Union.

Please pray for this ministry, Felícitas, her family, and the many others whom we are serving each Saturday at the Mazatlan General Hospital.

If you would like to help you can donate online HERE.

Thank you and God Bless,

Vineyard Ministries Central Mexico

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