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It Started With a Hamburger

The following is the story of, Rigo, a young man who grew up in our Madero Community Center of Hope.

A group of young boys were playing when they heard that some gringos were handing out hamburgers. The boys ran to the empty lot where the gringos were, but when they arrived all the hamburgers were gone. One of those boys, Rigo (pictured above), came back the next time, this time he was near the front of the line. He quickly became a regular. As the Vineyard began to establish a Community Center of Hope in Madero, Rigo now a bit older, still continued to attend regularly along with his sisters.

Difficult Home Life

Rigo's home life was difficult but at the Vineyard he found love, acceptance, encouragement to follow his dreams and most importantly Jesus Christ. As a teen he became more involved and helped with the Saturday program and joined the youth group. His natural musical talent led him to become involved in the worship team and eventually he became the worship leader.

From a Hamburger to an Engineer

Thanks to the help he received through our Vineyard Scholarship Program, he recently graduated from college with an engineering degree and got married. He and his wife Irene(pictured below) still continue to serve in the Madero Community Center of Hope. He is the worship leader, and you may have even seen him leading English worship in the Golden Zone from time to time. Rigo's life changed through your support of our programs.

At this time there are more than 800 children in our scholarship and sponsorship programs. Thanks to you we hope to change the lives of many more children like Rigo. If you would like to change a life of a child in Mazatlan CLICK HERE or follow the directions below to donate.

Thank you,

Vineyard Ministires

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