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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Your partnership with us this year brought the joy and hope of Christ to countless people in Mazatlan. Here is a glimpse of what you helped accomplish in 2022.

Children's programs:

Thanks to your support 1100 children in Mazatlan and many more throughout Mexico were able to participate in our weekly meal program.

Of those children you helped sponsor 668 children in Mazatlan in our Vineyard Child Sponsorship Program. These children do not come alone to our programs; many adults attend as well. We also served on average 250 adults each week.

School Scholarship Program:

The 232 children you helped sponsor for school in our Vineyard School Scholarship Program received uniforms, school shoes, school supplies, backpacks and paid registration fees.

Christmas Food Bag Distribution

We are distributing 1500 food bags this Christmas Season. We have made two trips to the city dump with 150 bags. One day in the morning and another day in the afternoon to make sure all those working in the dump got a food bag. Thank you to the volunteers who helped make 300 food bags and the Catholic group who donated 1200 bags.

Dump Compassion Tour:

This year we made and delivered 18,300+ sandwiches and clean drinking water to the dump scroungers.

Missions Teams:

In 2022 we had 4 teams from the United States who served over 730 meals, handed out 240 food bags, prayed for countless people, taught children, completed work projects and preached in our churches.

In 2022 we also started construction on our 18th Community Center of Hope in El Pozole, a small community near the Mazatlan airport. Along with the construction we started a crafting group in El Pozole. Oralia and her team have been teaching the ladies to weave rugs, bags, etc. We served 250 meals from the mobile kitchen in El Pozole for Children's Day and we returned in December and served another 250 at a Posada(Christmas Party). We also served 250 meals from the mobile kitchen to at a Posada(Christmas Party) in Higueras del Conchi aanother small community outside of Mazatlan that is interested in having a Vineyard Community Center of Hope.

All of this was made possible by your generous donations of your time and resources. Thank you so much!

Looking to make a year end donation? Please consider donating Vineyard Ministries. Click here to donate now.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Vineyard Ministries Central Mexico


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