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Feeding Center Robbed Twice in One Week

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

A Report by Oralia Collom:

To keep you updated let me tell you that the Loma Bonita Center has been robbed twice in the last week.  The thieves stole some things from the room we use for the Children's Orchestra and cut some electric cables. I spoke with the mayor of the colonia to let them know there had been a lot of theft in a short amount of time.  She, the mayor of the colonia, gathered the neighbor ladies in a meeting with the area police commander for Loma Bonita.  In the meeting we all shared our concerns about the situation that the number of robberies had doubled in the last month.  While we were talking the commander asked the names of the thieves.  It seemed like everyone knew the name of the people and that they were the thieves because the neighbors themselves mentioned the names, El Toa y El Pitufo.  No only did they give the names but an address as well.  At that moment the police went to the house of El Pitufo, at the address given by the ladies. El Pitufo was not home so they brought out a young man and young woman who were there and believed to be involved.  They put the young man and woman in the patrol car and took them to be detained.  We did not recover the stolen items but I believe, for the moment, Loma Bonita will get a break from the robberies.  It seems that this officer is ready to help in the colonia. Everything happened quickly and I believe this is a sign on the part of the police that people need to stop robbing our centers. Oralia has been director of our Loma Bonita center for several years, oversees our Children's Orchestra and other ministries.   

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