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Soccer Program Soaring to New Heights

Recently, Cheri, the director of Deportivo Sonny, the soccer program we partner with, received some exciting news. 10 players(pictured above) from Deportivo Sonny have been invited to play in the Youth National League(youth development league associated a professional soccer league) for Pechuca Mazatlan (Mazatlan's professional soccer team).

The girls from Deportivo Sonny have also seen success as 3 (pictured below) were selected to play with the team representing Mazatlan in the Olimpiada soon they will play in Culican for the right to represent Sinaloa(the state) in the national tournament.

February 18-20 the Deportivo Sonny Pandas(7-8 years olds) played in the state championship representing Mazatlan. Three trophies from other recent tournaments are on display in the Golden Zone La Vina Church.

While all this is amazing the most amazing part is how not only players lives are being transformed but their families as well. This happens through homework club, a bible study(lead by members of La Vina) and other activies where Cheri and her staff work with the players and families planting seeds of the gospel. We can't wait to see what more God does in and through Deportivo Sonny! This is one of our programs that helps keep kids off the streets and off drugs.

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