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Sponosred Child Shot in Accident

A Report from Fred Collom

Please pray for Cesar Omar (11yrs) and keep him in your thoughts. Cesar is a sponsored child who has been in a terrible accident. Last week Cesar and his friends went out to the hills of Colonia Loma Bonita to hunt birds. One of the kids had a rifle. Thinking there were no more bullets left in the rifle the kid shot Cesar in the back puncturing his gallbladder. Cesar was taken to the hospital emergency and was operated upon arrival. They removed his gallbladder and kept him in intensive care. Later they found that blood from his gallbladder had gotten into his stomach so he had to undergo another operation and receive a plasma transfusion in order to drain his stomach.

Cesar is the youngest of 7 siblings and regularly attended the Loma Bonita feeding center. He was also part of the children's orchestra and played the cello. Unfortunately before the accident Cesar had dropped out of school. School is very difficult for Cesar as he suffers from social anxiety. A while back Oralia discovered that he couldn't read or write so she had been helping him learn. While working with Cesar, Oralia also discovered that he is a very talented young artist and can draw very well.

Cesar should be released from the hospital this week but he has a long road of recovery ahead. We ask that you pray for him and his family. Oralia is in close contact with Cesar's family so we will continue to update you of his progress.

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