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Summer in La Viña

School is out and summer is here! While Mazatlan's beaches fill with tourists and locals alike, looking to escape the heat with a dip in the ocean, our leaders and their volunteers continue with the Lord's work in the 17 Community Centers of Hope and the central church in the Golden Zone. By the time they finish cooking and teaching, they are dripping in sweat.

The leaders and volunteers brave the heat and humidity to provide healthy meals each week. Our facilities are not air conditioned so it is very much hot work cooking in the heat. This includes the Golden Zone Church kitchen where our volunteer cooks continue to faithfully prepare sandwiches for the dump on Tuesday and Thursday, then for the hospital on Saturday.

The children are not only fed physically, but also spiritually. Each centers has teachers who lovingly prepare and teach the children about God and His love for them.

One Saturday, during the worship time a young girl was touched by the Holy Spirit (photo above), she was singing with her eyes closed, totally captivated by the music. God is working in the lives of the children of Mazatlan. If you are a Vineyard Child Sponsorship Program Sponsor, thank you; your support changes lives. If you are not a sponsor consider signing up today. Click hereto sponsor a child today and bless a child.

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