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The Family is Growing : Viña La Paz Community Center of Hope

When is a day at the beach more than fun in the sun and waves? When baptisms are happening! You may have seen a recent email with a report from pastor Marco on the work in La Paz. Pastor Marco has put together the children's programs and is overseeing the constrution of a Community Center of Hope there. Pastor Marco sent us more good news. He recently baptized several people into the family of God.

In other news from La Paz, the construction continues on the La Paz Community Center of Hope. Below are some pictures. You may notice that the building has several support columns or pillars, to be exact there are twelve(12). Since there are twelve we are naming them after the twelve tribes of Isreal.. The first two to be poured are Judah and Issachar. The people of La Viña La Paz are grateful to all those making this construction possible.

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