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The Simple Things Bring the Most Joy

It is often the simple things that can bring the most joy. For many of us having a cake on our birthday and celebrating with friends and family is a given. This was not the case for Lizbeth. She is one of 13 siblings (6 of which are sponsored in our Vineyard Child Sponsorship Program) and money is tight. She had never had a birthday cake until this year! Thanks to the generosity of Lizbeth's sponsor, the leader in her Community Center of Hope, was able to buy a birthday cake for Lizbeth AND her twin brother! Look at the smiles on the faces of Lizbeth and her siblings; so much joy from a simple birthday cake. Thank you to the sponsor for this simple gesture that brought so much joy to this family. If you are able, please consider sponsoring a child in our Vineyard Child Sponsorship Program and if you are already a sponsor consider donating an extra $25 for a birthday cake for your child(ren).

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