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Vineyard Responds to Education Crisis

There is a growing crisis with school children in Mazatlan. It was a problem before the pandemic but now has become a major problem. Many children have fallen behind with reading skills. Closing the schools & doing remote classes has caused many to just drop out and those that haven't dropped out are falling behind. Our plan is to make a difference in the lives of the kids that are part of our programs in our Community Centers of Hope.

We plan to start a remedial reading program in the afternoons with a focus on getting the children up to grade level in reading. We will start in two Centers to develop a model and then expand to the other Centers. This is not a regular school. We currently have two teachers commited to this project. Their schedule will look like this: They will teach two hours a day, three days a week(Monday, Tuesday and Friday) and as we move forward this may be adjusted. So many kids are falling through the cracks and are more likely to stay in poverty as a result . The goal is to help the many students who have fallen way behind in reading skills. We will rescue as many as we can. We have just started so we don't how much it will cost to hire more teachers and adjustments may have to be made as we develop this program.

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