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Wanted: 15 Passenger Vans

We have three 15 passenger vans that make up the heart of our fleet of vehicles in Mazatlan. Oh, the stories they can tell! The oldest is a 2003 Ford van. That van could tell some stories for sure and now it is crying out to be retired. It regularly suffers from mechanical issues and is just plain tired. We would like to retire and replace it, unfortunately that is easier said than done. You see it is difficult to find a 15 passenger van here in Mexico with low mileage. That is where you all come in. We need your help to find our next van, a 2013 to be exact. Why a 2013 you ask? It has to do with importation. Right now the only model year that can be imported is a 2013.

The following is a story from Pastor Fred's recent experience with the 03' Ford van.

"After the concert recently I was helping the children load their instruments into our oldest van. It took awhile to get the back door open. Then as I rode with them on the way to drop off some of the children, I said to myself; "we need a better van." Amongst other things the seats are worn out and the all the doors rattle."

Just like in Mazatlan, we use 15 passanger vans for our Border ministry. Those vans are aging as well. We are looking for a low mileage van, any model year, for the Border Ministry.

If you know of a van with low mileage available please contact us at or (956) 279-9481.

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