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We announced "We have food, water, coffee, milk and prayer"The first reply was "I want prayer"

The following report is by Sol a member of our Spanish Church. She along with her husband leads this ministry. She is a chef who also cooks for our compassion tour to the city dump.

On Saturday, August 7th, six members of “Mission Hospital” outreach went to visit the General Hospital of Mazatlán, we brought 100 sandwiches, 100 bottles of water, hot coffee, and milk.

The atmosphere was very sad. About 150 people, 50 families were waiting for news of their hospitalized relatives. While waiting, doctors would come out from time to time to consult relatives about life decisions or to give them prescriptions for drugs that they had to buy at local pharmacies.

Hope for a Sister

A family of four siblings was waiting there, they had just been notified that their sister would be intubated that same night, they were very sad and upset since they thought that she would stop fighting and die. We prayed for them, and they were given the word of life and salvation.

Death and New Life

We went to talk to some of the relatives, including a woman who asked for prayer, she told us that the day before her 23-year-old daughter had died due to complications from Covid19 leaving behind her infant daughter. She remained on the outside of the hospital waiting for “Milagros”(Miracles), her three day old granddaughter, 3 months premature and fortunately is in good health.

We found another family who had just received the news that their father, a 58-year-old bricklayer, had died from Covid 19, they were very affected and also worried about not having the enough money for his final expenses, we prayed for The Lord to supply financially and gave comfort to the family.

Multiple Family Members Hospitalized

Another family that had two family members hospitalized, told us that at that time a 32-year-old woman with a 7 day old baby had died; her family was present. Those were moments of screaming, anguish, and despair for that family. We did not know what to say or what to do to help. We also had to keep our distance to avoid getting infected with Covid19.

A La Vina Connection

We found a family who had been outside the hospital for 24 hours, without sleeping, waiting for news from their daughter; a 31-year-old woman who was once part of La Viña in Valle del Ejido. The patient was hospitalized because she had an adverse reaction to the Covid19 vaccine that caused the Guillain Barré syndrome, and now she is paralyzed. She is the mother of three children, her parents and her husband were there. They had a reconciliation with the Lord.


At the end, once inside the van, we extended our hands to the hospital and prayed for those who are fighting the battle of life and for the people who are waiting outside at the mercy of the weather.

As we left we reflected on the sadness, death, and desolation. If felt like a war zone in which many people are trapped and there is nothing you can do to escape, except wait.

We returned in silence, not knowing what to say or what to do, when suddenly Mextli, a young woman who accompanied us, burst into tears.

My husband and I(Sol) returned home in total silence, there was nothing we could say, our hearts and souls ached from seeing so much pain, so much hopelessness. We thank God for being healthy, having Christ in our lives, and the privilege to serve the Lord.

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