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Turning Interest Into Action

Mission teams from the United States and Canada provide irreplaceable encouragement and support for Vineyard Ministries Central Mexico. A mission trip to Mazatlán is a unique opportunity to serve God and take part in His work among the poor of western Mexico. Because Mazatlán is located on Mexico's west coast, there is also ample opportunity to enjoy God's creation: sunshine, sandy beaches, and the Pacific Ocean.

What is a typical mission's team size?

The typical group size is normally between 12 and 30. Smaller and larger groups can be accommodated with advance notice.

What type of work would a mission team do in Mazatlan?

Team work assignments while in Mazatlan will depend on the background and expertise of members of the mission team and the particular needs of the mission while on site. It can vary between helping build new community centers of hope, helping with Spanish/English interpretation, children’s bible study, office work, providing medical/dental clinics, preparing food, playing with children, etc.

What is the length of the trip?

Most trips are scheduled for seven days, but it is possible to arrange longer trips. There are currently no travel restrictions to or from Mazatlan due to Covid-19, but be sure to double check if there are any restrictions or quarentine requirements upon returning to your home country. 

When can teams go to Mazatlan?

Teams are welcome any month but August, when members of the church staff are on vacation.

What is the cost to the mission team?

The cost will vary depending on the number in the team and accommodations needed. Please contact us for more information or call the office at 1-210-587-7342 with any questions or to schedule a trip.

For more detailed information please download our prospective missions team information packet.

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