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Bringing Change



We offer effective and affordable child sponsorships for only $25 a month. Many of the children come from dysfunctional families, single parent homes, or extreme poverty. While we provide support to all family members, we focus on children between the ages 4 to 14, where we have the greatest likelihood of helping the child achieve a better life for themselves and their future children.

For $25 a month we provide each sponsored child with 48 weekly meals a pair of new shoes, a set of school supplies, a chaperoned field trip, a seasonal party at one of our Community Centers, ​individual Prayer for each child, weekly bible classes, and a safe place to meet and play. 

Although the Community Centers are closed due to Covid-19 we are doing whatever we can to provide as many benefits to the children while ensuring their safety and the safety of their community. 



Out at the Mazatlan city dump, people are living off the garbage of other people. These people work at the dump every day looking for recyclables to sell, items to make their homes better, and food to eat. We feel a huge responsibility to show the love of God to these people who work in the city dump by offering them a cold bottle of water and a sandwich. Every week we make and deliver 600 sandwiches to the communities of people working at the Mazatlan dump.



Every week, volunteers from our English and Spanish churches prepare and distribute over 1000 meals to hungry children throughout the local Community Centers. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic our Community Centers are closed awaiting the green light to re-open. While the Community Centers remain closed our volunteers deliver donation bags full of groceries and essential items to families in need throughout the colonias.



In Mexico, those who are proficient in the English language land better jobs and have higher probability of being hired and making a better living for their families. In 2017 members of the Vineyard Ministries held the first English class for kids in the hope of making a bigger impact on their future and helping them break the cycle of poverty. Since then, and until Covid-19 hit, the English School was operating in two Community Centers of Hope, offering 3 or more levels of difficulty for children of all ages. Since Covid-19 we've had to shut down the Community Centers and therefore put a hold on the English classes. We do have a couple students taking classes online.  We are awaiting the green light to open the Community Centers and start up the English classes again.



While the Community Centers remain closed due to Covid-19, we have been gathering and distributing groceries and essential household items via donation bags delivered to the colonias. We have blessed over 3500 households with groceries since the Covid-19 closures.

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