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A Night of Rap Music fills the House with Youth

Benefit Concert Held at the Vineyard

Recently in cooperation with a local radio station we hosted a benefit concert, Vida Supra in our Golden Zone Community Center in Mazatlan. There were various national rappers as well as the Vineyard's own musicians. The rappers projected the words on the big screen as they rapped. As I (Fred) followed the words on the screen, I was deeply moved by the message that glorified Christ and touched and challenged the youth.

We had a full house. A lot of young people were drawn in by the rap music and the gospel was proclaimed by the rappers.

Part of the reason for the concert was to raise funds for our ministry at the general hospital. Tickets cost 50 pesos ($3.00 USD). Attendees were ask to bring items that are needed at our hospital outreach.

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