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Fun, Games, Food and Lots of Pictures

This summer the children in our Vineyard Child Sponsorship (VCS) program are once again getting out and about. It is field trip season. Center leaders were given a handful of options including a buffet restaurant with a play area, a recreation area, or movie theater. Each leader chose the best fit for the children of that center. Many of the children rarely get out of their neighborhood, so these field trips are a highlight of the year for them. Several groups went to a Restaurant called Vaca Lupe. Not only did they get a tasty meal but mechanical bull rides, train rides, horseback rides and much more!

Another group went to Burger King. While that might now seem like a big deal to you and I, for these kids it was a rare treat complete with burgers. fries, soft drinks and ice cream.

The group from our Center in Renato Vega bounced the day away at the trampoline park in a local shopping center. The children enjoyed bouncing and sliding on the various trampolines and slides available.

Thank you to all that have sponsored children. You made these field trips possible.

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