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Special Visitors From Germany

Recently, La Viña received some special visitors; a delegation from Hamm, Germany, a sister city of Mazatlan. The delegation consisted of Hamm government officials and leaders. They were in Mazatlan to connect with Mazatlan officials and create partnerships. The delegation has a particular interest in ecology, recycling, etc. This led them to inquire about our compassion tour to the City Dump. Even before arriving in Mazatlan they informed the Mazatlan Mayor's office that they wanted to go with us to the dump. We have a history with Germany. In 2008 the German newspaper The Frankfurter Rundschau wrote a review on us. In 2009 Munich University sent a professor to investigate poorism tours (tours to see the poor) that were happening worldwide. As part of her investigation, she came and discovered our compassion tour was not poorism. She later published a paper on the evils of poorism but stated that the Mazatlan Vineyard was not participating in poorism. Later in 2013 another German professor contacted us and wanted some photographs for an art exhibition on how tourism can be used to help the poor. This publicity led to the officials for the City of Hamm learning of and visiting our compassion tour.

On Wednesday, May 24 they arrived along with their hosts, Mazatlan city officials, at La Viña ready to work. After a short tour of the facilities and explanation of what we do, they filled water bottles and made sandwiches.

Once all the sandwiches were made and bottles of water filled, it was time to head out. After driving by Loma Bonita Community of Hope and learning about the Child Orchestra, it was on to the dump. The group handed out sandwiches and water.

The tour included a stop to see the Malova Homework club in action and learn about the English school as well. The group was so touched that they donated gas vouchers for our vehicles and sponsored a dump day. It was a pleasure to meet the people from Hamm and share the ministry with them.

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