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Vineyard Responds in the Wake of Hurricane Orlene

Thank you to all who prayed for us as Hurricane Orlene approached the Mexican west coast. Fortunately for us, she detoured south and made land fall just to our south. We had prepared food bags, sandwiches and bottles of water. Since the city of Mazatlan was not greatly affected by the hurricane, so after the storm we gathered volunteers and loaded up. We headed to 3 small towns to our south: La Guasima, Los Pozos and Vazquez Moreno. We were met with relief and excitement. All three towns expienced high winds and heavy rain resulting in damaged or missing roofs along with flooding from the hurricane. No one, private groups or goverment groups, had been to these towns to check on them and offer help, that is until we arrived. We handed out 150 bags of food, 500 sandwiches and 500 one liter bottles of water.

The following week we went out to other needy areas of Mazatlan and handed out 150 bags of food, and 500 one liter bottles of water.

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