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Waiting for permission to open feeding Centers - Still taking food to homes

Our feeding centers remain closed at this time as we wait for government guidelines on when we can re-open. We have yet to receive any instructions on sanitary protocols or capacity restrictions which may affect the number of kids we will be able to feed.

In the meantime, however, we are planning to instill some healthy hand washing and temperature taking procedures. We will install hoses and sinks outside of the feeding centers so kids can wash their hands with soap and water before entering. We'll also make sure kids apply hand sanitizer prior to the meal.

We are looking to buy 40 electronic thermometers (2 for each feeding center) to check everybody's temperatures prior to entering. If you would like to donate any, or all 40, please ship them to: Vineyard child Sponsorship 3101 Harmony Lane Mission, Texas, 78574. We would be very grateful for your donation.

During this closure we have been busy working on programs to improve children's attendance at the feeding centers, putting a plan in place to ensure every kid's birthday is celebrated, and working on ways we can build a closer relationship between the children and their sponsors. We have so many fun ideas we can't wait to share with you so please be on the lookout for additional communications as well as an official re-opening announcement once we are given the green light. 

As we wait to hear from the government on when we can start feeding kids again in our Community Centers of Hope we continue to bless those in need with food bags. We have now blessed 3000 households with groceries and we continue to go to the City Dump twice a week.

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