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A Mother with No Name and 12 Kids

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

We have a single mother with 12 children sponsored in our Vineyard Child Sponsorship Program(VCS).

I asked one of our staff; "What is her name," and she answered me in Spanish and said "Oh, You mean la madre de los Britos." Britos is the last name of the 12 children.

"Yes," I said, "that's the one."

"I don't know her name everyone calls her the mother of the Britos Children."

It took awhile but I finally found out her name is Gabriella. She was abandoned by husband because he couldn't handle having so many children around all the time. I guess he did not understand that he played a role in bringing 12 into the world.

She survives by going to the city dump to dig through garbage looking for anything of value or recyclable. Without the help of the Vineyard Child Sponsorship Program(VCS) the kids wouldn't have a chance in life.

Even with the help of The Vineyard life is not easy for the 12 Britos.

They were all very happy to see our Children's Feeding Program start up again. When we go to the colonias to give out food bags we always make sure the 12 Britos get extra food bags.

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