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Going Back to Our Roots While Looking Forward

While the rest of Mazatlan and really Mexico celebrated Independance weekend(Sept. 15-18), the Mazatlan and Zacatecas Vineyards reflected on our past and celebrated plans for the future. Leaders from the Fresnillo, Zacatecas and Mazatlan Vineyards gathered to worship, reflect, look forward and fellowship. For many it had been 2-4 years since they had seen each other. It was like a big family reunion. Pastor Fred opened the conferance. He shared about how the gospel never changes but our methods and strategies can become outdated. He encouraged the leaders to Google the Discovery Bible Study Method. He also asked them to offer the prayer of blessing for a home. Instead of knocking on doors to preach to someone, ask if you can bless their home. You would be amazed how much people like and respond to this. We have only had one person decline our offer to bless thier home. Later Pastor Juan Garza from Zacatecas as well as Pastor Mere from Fresnillo shared with and encouraged our leaders to keep moving forward, sharing the gospel.

We celebrated the annoucement of our new Community Center of Hope in El Pozole, a small village near the Mazatlan Airport. We presented and prayed for Silvestre as the leader in the El Pozole center during the conferance.

Another special moment was praying for the newly ordained pastors, Susi Bastidas(Urias), Jesus and Flor Payan(Loma Bonita), Victor and Betty Cardenas(Renato Vega), and Javier and Ester Moran(San Antonio).

We also took time to pray and encourage each other in the Lord.

Thank you to all those who helped make the weekend conferance possible by cooking, cleaning, working the little store, greeting people at the door, running projection/sound, housing our guests from out of town, and helping with worship. It truely was a team effort. The cost of the conferance meals was paid for by taking up offerings and selling coffe and snacks.

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